To the wonderful people who read my blogs,

I know it is extremely belated but below is the link to my BBC Asian Network interview with the wonderful Nihal! (Just in case you didn’t get to hear it… or you know, you want to hear it again because it was so good).

I never thought it would be frightening to be on the radio or TV. I regularly watched people – celebrities and otherwise- being interviewed and it seemed so easy. They just go on, make some jokes, answer some questions… how hard could it possibly be?

But it’s hard.

The night before, every time I almost fell asleep, Satan kept sending unwanted thoughts into my head. What if I said something really politically incorrect… like telling Nihal he is quite eloquent for a brown person? What if they asked a question which used a really big word and assumed I understood because I was an English teacher? (Because, obviously, English teachers know the whole bloody dictionary off by heart.) Then there were dreams of me accidentally swearing and my mum telling me I let down the family name and reputation.

It had been a life long ambition to be on the BBC. I don’t know if it’s just a Pakistani thing but the BBC is like the equivalent to Marks and Spencers sweaters. Quality. So thank you, Nihal, for giving me the opportunity.

I digress. But here is the link for you all to enjoy:

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