I love to be my own photographer, my own editor and my own publisher. I love to look through my self-created portfolio, and I find something quite therapeutic in applying a Valencia filter, tirelessly cropping and editing to see the best version of me.

Where nature and genetics left me vertically challenged at a mere 5 foot 2 and a half, the invention of selfies has allowed me to become a model in my own right.

Besides, I couldn’t stop taking selfies even if I wanted to, as my job pretty much revolves around it. As a lifestyle blogger, I spend most of my life in front of the computer or mobile phone screen. Good pictures result in an increased following which is essential to, well, pay my rent.

This is exactly why I was so terrified when I heard the light from electronics could potentially be causing damage to my skin.

Recent scientific evidence has suggested that High Energy Visible light is causing harm to the skin, leading to accelerated skin ageing.

I am constantly exposed to HEV light, and I wondered if this could be why I had recently developed trouble spots on my skin that had never been there before?

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